Messi Fanboy Brutally Taken Out By Massive Security Guard

International Champions Cup 2016 - Leicester City v BarcelonaGetty

We all want to meet our idols.

Whether that be Kim Kardashian (if you’re a wanker), Piers Morgan (if you’re an even bigger wanker), or whoever, everyone wants a selfie.

Lionel Messi has more than his fair share of fanboys, but none that go to lengths like this guy did.

Luckily for the Barcelona striker, his security guard earned his pay cheque, by smashing the living daylights out of the over zealous fan before he could grab his favourite player.

Check it out:

BOOM and the fan is gone.

In fairness, if you want to approach Messi, there’s better ways to do it than dropping ten feet from a balcony and running towards him.

Top marks for the security guard though, he done a better job of marking Messi than a lot of defenders have over the years!