Mia Khalifa Makes X-Rated Joke About Matteo Guendouzi Diving vs West Ham

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Ah Mia Khalifa, everyone’s favourite adult film star-turned sports commentator.

She’s also got a razor-sharp tongue – in the metaphorical sense of course – as seen when she rejects those guys out there who love sliding into her DMs.

Her banter has also won her a lot of fans, especially when she calls out said guys on social media, leaving them completely embarrassed, and leaving us sat giggling in front of our computer/phone screens.

Ok, so she’s not calling anyone out this time for messaging her, but her banter has made quite a lot of people laugh, particularly on Twitter.

The target of her latest joke – none other than French footballer Matteo Guendouzi – Arsenal’s 19-year-old midfielder.

During today’s Premier League match between West Ham and Arsenal (January 12), Mia was watching at the London Stadium, and had a few choice words for Guendouzi – someone she was obviously tired of watching.

While taking the piss out of herself too, she tweeted:


The majority who saw the tweet, seemed to find it hilarious – read through some of the responses she got:

My favourite response has got to be from a Tweeter who goes by the name Mirza Amir, who wrote:

West ham match attendance record for almost 130 years. The Mia khalifa effect

Touche Mirza.

Being an Aston Villa fan, I’ve not had the pleasure of visiting the new ground yet, so can’t comment. We’ll be back though…

If, like me, you’re wondering why she’s a West Ham fan, she apparently fell in love with the London side due to the film Green Street.

If you’re not familiar with Green Street – the 2005 film starring Elijah Wood – it’s basically about an American lad joining a group of West Ham fans, who happen to be hooligans. They go by the name GSE – Green Street Elite.

Anyway, check out her interview with AFTV below:

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