Mia Khalifa Outs Another Sports Star For Sliding Into Her DMs, Massively Backfires


Former porn star Mia Khalifa has called out baseball player Willson Contreras after he slid into her DMs.

It looks like the Chicago Cubs’ star catcher didn’t learn from the lessons fellow American athletes Duke Williams and Chad Kelly received, as he attempted to send personal messages to the ex-adult film actress.

Khalifa, who is now a ‘prominent’ sports blogger, is notorious for calling out and burning athletes who attempt to send her personal messages – Contreras thought he could be slick but instead she put him on blast for the world to see:

While the former adult actress has every right to call out someone for trying to hit her up in the DMs, a lot of users on Twitter thought the opposite.

Given her past profession, they feel it’s only right she receives these unwarranted messages and proceeded to call her out for posting the screenshots of her messages with the Cubs’ star:

Wow some people have no chill.

As for Contreras, he’s claiming ignorance, going for the old ‘my social media account got hacked’ excuse.

According to Deadspin, a quick statement from his spokesperson claim’s the 25-year-old’s ‘twitter account was hacked’ and they’re working on fixing it.

Flickr / Arturo Pardavila III

Sure you are.