Michael Bisping Victim Of Brutal Knockout For Second Time In Three Weeks


Michael Bisping has been savagely knocked out for the second time in three weeks.

It’s been 21 days since the fighter awoke from a Georges St-Pierre chokehold, to discover he’d been stripped of his UFC middleweight championship title.

Kelvin Gastelum, the man to take on Bisping in another headline event, had similar ideas for their fight at UFC Fight Night 122.

Gastelum gave Bisping the what’s for in the main event in the form of a first-round TKO.

Although Bisping landed some decent counters, ultimately Gastelum out-powered him, switching his lights off like it was NBD – talk about brutal.

Talking about a rematch with welterweight champion Tyron Woodley recently, Gastelum revealed he believed he could beat him.

As per MMAjunkie:

When I fought Tyron, a lot of things went wrong that weekend. I didn’t make the weight, I lost my first professional fight, and it just never really settled well in my heart.

So I’m just going to go out in public and say it: I feel very, very salty about it. I feel like I can beat him and I can make the weight healthy and fight him—get a rematch with him.

As for Georges St-Pierre, a lot of question marks were raised when GSP decided to return to the sport – despite being a long-time welterweight champion – taking on middleweight champion and seasoned campaigner Michael Bisping, in the main event at UFC 217 at Madison Square Garden.

His last outing was in 2013, defeating Johny Hendricks via a controversial points decision which many thought should have swung in favour of his opponent – on the night, in Las Vegas, GSP revealed a lot was going on in his personal life and he ‘needed to hang up his gloves for a little bit’.

‘For a little bit’ turned into four years but his return to the Octagon did not disappoint!

GSP looked bigger and more muscular than four years ago and managed to absorb several blows from Bisping before finishing the champ with a devastating counter left.

GSP knew where Bisping was weak, as he mentioned in his post-fight comments:

I studied Michael’s tape and I knew he had a problem with shots from the right, so I faked on the left side to attract his attention and I struck him on the right.

His tactics paid off as Bisping went down, visibly shaken by the blow, before GSP dived on top of him to finish the fight in style.

Although it looks a lot like GSP had wanted to knock out Bisping on the ground, apparently he deliberately backed off the British fighter to get him on his front, allowing an opportunity for GSP to get on his back.

St-Pierre is now the UFC Middleweight champion, four years after his last fight in the competition, matching Bisping on 20 wins – the UFC’s joint-highest ever.