Michael Phelps Vs Great White Shark Has An Insane Trailer


We recently heard 28 Olympic medal holder, Michael Phelps, had set out for a new swimming challenge, to race a great white shark.

Having exhausted human competition Phelps turned to the animal kingdom to finally give him a challenge, and the ad for this slightly peculiar race has finally landed.

The bizarre preview trailer, Phelps vs. Shark, is packed with everything you need in a trailer; a melodramatic narration, quick action shots of humans AND sharks, super intense music, and of course, the word GOAT written over Phelps’ body, (which apparently is an acronym for ‘greatest of all time’)

Check out the 30-second preview here:

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This is undoubtedly, absolutely insane – not to mention dangerous – even with a head start, there is no way that this could end in Phelps’ favour.

Discovery stated that this stunt is ‘so monumental no one has ever attempted it before.’ and Discovery, there’s a reason for that.

Apparently the holder of 39 world records can reach a top speed of roughly 5 mph, whereas a great white can reach a speed of 25mph, so the outcome should be interesting, if not predictable, to say the least.


Phelps, the hero we didn’t know we needed until now, and if things go wrong we may not have him for much longer.