Mike Ashley Makes A Complete Idiot Of Himself In Parliament

Sports Direct Founder Faces Commons Select Committee Over Working ConditionsGetty

Newcastle United and Sports Direct owner Mike Ashley has been in Parliament today, answering questions about the working conditions of his staff.

Numerous allegations have been aimed at Ashley, who is attempting to provide some clarity and clear the name of his business, as MP’s question him over working conditions, pay and holidays amongst other things.

The whole thing was massively awkward, as Ashley – who very rarely speaks in public or conducts interviews – stumbled through the session and only succeeded in making himself look stupid.

When asked about cases of sexual harrassment at Sports Direct, Ashley produced this cringeworthy moment:

It wasn’t the only cock up the Newcastle owner came out with though, as he also admitted he wanted to by BHS (despite being warned by his PR agent not to answer the question), and that he paid workers less than minimum wage.

As you’d expect, Twitter users went in hard on the Newcastle owner:

Isn’t it ironic that Ashley’s 11 biggest earners, the Newcastle United team, were the ones that let him down more than anyone else?

Now we know why he keeps a low profile, as that was utterly embarrassing for the sportswear tycoon.