Mike Tyson Reveals How He’d Psychologically Destroy His Opponents


Mike Tyson has revealed the secret to his ‘supreme confidence’ whenever he stepped into the ring.

At the peak of his powers ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson was an unstoppable force of nature in the boxing ring, between 1986 to 1989 he dominated the heavyweight division earning himself monikers and platitudes such as ‘Kid Dynamite’ and ‘The Baddest Man On The Planet’.

Now the former-IBF, WBA and WBC World Heavyweight Champion has given the world an insight into how he would psychological dominate his opponents in the ring.

Speaking in his 2008 documentary Tyson the troubled boxing legend looks back at his glory days and admitted that:

When I come out I have supreme confidence but I’m scared to death. I’m totally afraid. I’m afraid of everything, I’m afraid of losing. I’m afraid of being humiliated.

However he then went on to explain how he used that fear to his advantage and that his confidence grew ‘closer’ when he got to the ring.

As the boxing Hall-of-Famer puts it:

All during my training I’ve been afraid of this man, I thought that this man may be capable of beating me. I’ve dreamed of him beating me… Once I’m in the ring, I’m a god. Nobody can beat me.

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It was that mentality that enabled ‘Iron’ Mike to secure his first heavyweight title against Trevor Berbick in 1986. Winning at the age of 20 years old he became the youngest professional boxer to win a major heavyweight title, a record which he still holds today.

Since retiring with a 50-2-6 record Tyson has been through a series of ups-and-downs, however from the looks of it he’s in a good place now.