Mike Tyson Shows He Still Has Impressive Moves At 55 In Incredible Video

by : Cameron Frew on : 18 Sep 2021 10:12
Mike Tyson Shows He Still Has Impressive Moves At 55 In Incredible Video@zachisoncrack/Reddit/Alamy

Age is but a number: at 55 years old, Mike Tyson still has all the moves of the Baddest Man on the Planet. 

In late 2020, the former heavyweight champion returned to the ring after 16 years to fight Roy Jones Jr. in an exhibition bout. While it was declared a draw – there was even a ‘no knockout’ rule – it showed the two legends still had skills to pay the bills, with Tyson getting into phenomenal shape.


Almost a year later, Iron Mike is still navigating his comeback. He may not have the same frightening ferocity of his prime, nor is he biting anyone’s ears, but Tyson still has impressive movement.

A repost from Frank Boxing Coach, a ‘Teacher of the Art and Science of Boxing’ with more than 465,000 followers, recently made its way to Reddit, showing Tyson walking someone through how to move and get the brutal upper hand on an opponent. He smoothly, rapidly pivots his position, allowing him to get behind and in position to land a kidney shot, then a punch to the face.

‘Muscle memory and a decent workout. He always seems so excited when explaining technique. You can tell it isn’t a chore when he does it,’ one Redditor reacted.


‘I saw him fight in 1985, from about five rows back, and it was terrifying. I wouldn’t fight him if he were 80,’ another wrote. ‘Amen. Watching him when I was younger, the guy was just on another level. Crazy as hell, but man…guy could move and he could hit like nobody else,’ another replied.

Tyson is next expected to fight Lennox Lewis in June 2022.

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