MMA Fighter Accidentally Floors Trainer With Kick To The Head

kick to the head of mma coachbane_dundavan/Instagram

If you’re anything like me, growing up, you were probably told not to look a gift horse in the mouth or bite the hand that feeds you.

Apparently this MMA fighter – who was filmed kicking the guy who teaches him in the head – didn’t get the memo.

Will Curriema, dubbed a ‘future MMA star’ by his coach, Bane Dundavan, is making his pro middleweight debut next week and was working hard on his spinning kicks in the gym.

Practicing his kicking action, Curriema missed a communication from the coach and swung the full force of his leg into his sparring partner’s jaw.

The trainer took to Instagram to share the video with the caption:

Soooo, when there’s a miss communication when your throwing to much spinning shit in your 1 to 1 session with future MMA star @willcurriemma making his pro middleweight debut next week @therocevents this is what happens

The short video has racked up some attention on Instagram, mainly thanks to Bane’s winning tough response to the kick.

He joked:

It’s the noise I make at the end when I’m ready to breathe out and take the spinning back kick to the belly but then look what happens

He explained further he had gone to breathe out because Curriema was meant to hit the belly pad but as he breathed the 90-kilo MMA fighter cracked his jaw.

Dundavan, amazingly, got back up after taking the flying foot to the face, resilience for which his Instagram following complimented him on with numerous flame emojis.

Instagram jury member, Billy Hawkins jokingly reminded Bane to keep his guard up at all times while a guy going by Adriano G marveled at his ‘granite chin’.

Bane responded to some well-wishers, saying he’s ‘a team mate’ adding, ‘accidents happen in this sport’ and ‘it’s all love in the gym’.

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