MMA Fighter Brutally Attacks Opponent While He’s Unconscious

austin batra fighting Battlefield Fight League/YouTube

After the recent antics which followed the Conor McGregor v Khabib Nurmagomedov fight in Las Vegas, you’d be forgiven for thinking the world of MMA might have a little break.

Not so however, as fights around the globe continue to prove just how brutal a sport it really is – both within the rules, and outside of them.

Footage from a recent fight between Austin Batra and Perry Hayer shows a heavy knockout followed by, quite frankly, a disgusting and frighteningly dangerous move immediately afterwards.

Competing in the Amateur Welterweight Championship in Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada, the fight between the pair came to a baffling conclusion.

After landing a knockout blow to Hayer, Batra leaps into the air, with both fists together and high above his head. From watching the video, it isn’t hard to assume what he’s trying to do.

It’s a strange and extravagant move, especially when the referee has already stepped in to call an end to the fight.

Despite the KO, Batra was not the winner as, after his acrobatic leap into the air, he was disqualified, making Hayer the victor.

Check it out below:

It’s frightening to think what would’ve happened if the referee hadn’t been there.

In a backstage interview after the fight, 23-year-old Batra said his game plan was ‘to kill’, and the referee should have been quicker to stop the fight so the flying strike could have been avoided, as MMA Fighting reports.

In a follow-up video on Facebook to explain his actions, Batra said:

I dropped my opponent with two left hooks, and as I was going in for the last one, the referee came as I left my feet. I had left my feet, and I was going to go and hit him with, like, a little Superman punch or whatever, right. But as I was in the air I tried to change my direction.

From my point of view, I was focussed on my opponent’s eyes. I did not see the ref coming from my angle. I was in the air when the ref was waving off the fight, so I turned away and didn’t actually connect with him like I could have.

I tried to avoid any contact as best as I could, given it happened all so fast. As the referee came above my opponent, I had to avoid both of them, and I went to the side a bit. That’s all that happened.

However, the British Columbia Athletic Commission stuck by their decision to disqualify Batra for the move and added they ‘will be reviewing the Batra v Hayer fight to determine the outcome of the bout, and if any further disciplinary action is required as a result of potential unsportsmanlike conduct.’

Meanwhile, Hayer responded, saying:

We saw the video. He put his hands down, he relaxed, the referee moved in and he chose to jump on me. His emotions got the best of him and it shows how young he is, how much he has to learn still.

Despite being the ultimate victor, Hayer has said he’s not satisfied with winning by disqualification, and plans to vacate the belt before planning his next career move.

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