MMA Fighter Chokes Out Opponent But Has To Beg Ref To Stop Fight



Footage of an MMA fighter choking out his opponent but having to beg the ref to stop the fight is going viral once again.

Chad George was fighting Mark Vorgeas at Bellator 136 when he sank in a decisive Von Flue choke with little over 80 seconds remaining in the first round.


George realised that Vorgeas was in no position to continue, and rather than break the nose of his defenseless opponent, George screams for Milan Ayers to halt proceedings.

George can be heard yelling ‘He’s out!’ to Ayers.

The referee causally replies ‘No, he’s not’ on at least three occasions before finally investigating properly – and would you know it, Vorgeas is out cold and the fight is over.

That show of respect for his opponent could easily have landed George in this video of MMA’s ultimate acts of sportsmanship.


Ayers on the other hand was far closer to wall of shame than hall of fame following the bout.