MMA Fighter Known As ‘Two Guns’ Performs As Drag Queen Called Lola At Night

by : Julia Banim on : 01 May 2021 14:57
MMA Fighter Known As 'Two Guns' Performs As Drag Queen Called Lola At Night diegogarijo/Instagram

An MMA Fighter known as Dos Pistolas – ‘Two Guns’ – has opened up about his additional passion for drag, proving you should never judge a book by its cover.

The 41-year-old professional MMA fighter Diego Garijo recently explained how his dual interests compliment rather than contradict each other.


Garijo, originally from Guanajuato, Mexico, began his MMA career in 2006, racking up an impressive seven victories before being forced into retirement by a detached retina. He’s also shown prowess in the brutal world of bare-knuckle boxing.

However, there’s far more to Garijo that meets the eye, and outside the ring he has built a name for himself on the San Diego drag scene, as Drag Queen Lola Pistola.


Garijo told Vice:

Before my first drag show, I felt just like I do before a fight. In the early days of MMA, I would sit in the same changing room as my opponent before the fights.

We’d sit, staring at each other, wondering: ‘Can I beat him?’ It was the same at my first drag show competition. A tiny room, eight adults, everyone sizing each other up. I wasn’t nervous though. I have strong nerves. Or maybe I’m just too stupid to be scared.

Garijo revealed he has received ‘a lot of love from people in the drag scene,’ as well as from ‘big tough fighters’, some of whom he’s suggested could well be ‘hiding an element of themselves that they would like to bring out more.’


Considering the similarities between the worlds of MMA and drag, Garijo added:

Martial arts show us the beauty of humans overcoming great resistance. In drag, it’s about overcoming toxic masculinity. Trans people of colour in particular are among the most oppressed people of all. And they have the highest suicide rates. They should be supported instead of marginalised.

Speaking about he first got into the drag scene, Garijo explained: ‘A few years ago I took a course on emotional intelligence. We were told we needed to leave our comfort zone. I really enjoy talking in front of lots of people and being the centre of attention, but when the word ‘drag’ crossed my mind, I knew: damn, that’s it! I threw myself right into it. I took up dance classes, had my ears pierced and got my body waxed. I learned how to walk in high heels and someone helped me with the outfits.’


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    In the Ring, He's an MMA Fighter. By Night, He's a Drag Queen Called Lola