MMA Fighter Leaves Fans Stunned By Her Post-Fight Injury Photos

anastacia yankovaInstagram

Whoever says girls aren’t tough, get a load of these post-fight pictures, courtesy of Anastasia Yankova.

The Russian MMA athlete fought off her opponent, Veta Artega, at the Bellator 161 Fighting Championships held in Texas.

From her post-fight injury photos it looks like the flyweight fight – which ended in a split decision – really was a close call.

25-year-old Yankova shared the photos as she recovered from her American fighting debut with the caption, ‘This is MMA, babe.’

A few days later, Yankova posted again, saying, ‘Just Halloween I’m ready’ with a smiling pumpkin emoji thrown in for good measure.

The Bellator fight was the first time Yankova failed to submit an opponent within three rounds – an impressive track record.

Yankova fits her modelling career in between her MMA training.

She told the New York Post:

At a tournament, my teammates and my friends said I was too pretty.

They worried I would break my nose. They said, ‘You’re a Barbie doll, you can’t fight.’ People didn’t have any confidence in me.

anastasia yankova

It wasn’t just a cracking shiner that Yankova earned for the fight though. Her unbeaten record is earning respect from her fellow athletes and MMA commentators – and it’s much deserved. Not to mention, the win also raked in $100,000.

That should take care of the medical bills then.