MMA Fighter Receives Instant Karma After Front Flipping Off Knocked Out Opponent


It should go without saying that being professionally good at knocking people out in front of thousands of viewers must be an incredible feeling. Right up there with climbing Everest, opening your heart up to God and winning the lottery. 

But boxers and MMA fighters are usually forced to resist all celebrations in favour of respect and dignity. A few air-punches and yells are fine, but a triple cartwheel-backflip combo isn’t.

Front-flips, on the other hand… well, it turns out they are achievable, if not absolutely hilarious.

Take Drew Chatman, for example. Here you have a man who after making opponent Irvins Ayala see double, decided it’d be a great idea to front-flip off his motionless body.


It’s certainly the most shocking thing I’ve ever seen inside an octagon, which is saying something.

Watch it here:

In the video, Chatman can be seen getting grappled to the mat by Ayala attempting some sort of hammerfist. But alas he crashes down onto Chatman’s knee, subsequently knocking him out.

Chatman, ever the showman, decided to celebrate this completely random, self-inflicted KO by standing up on Ayala’s back and executing a fairly decent front-flip for someone who’s just been in a legitimate fight.

Unlucky for him that was the last of the laughs. Chatman was disqualified as a result of the acrobatic brag.

He told MMA Fighting:

I threw a kick, he tripped me and as he came down, I moved my knee in a certain position and he had hit his chin to my knee. At that moment, it happened so fast that my instincts just kicked in and I started punching. As he fell down to the floor, it was almost like I couldn’t believe he was out, because it happened really quick. My natural reaction was just to get up.

Normally, I celebrate my fights. If you see all my amateur fights, I’m doing flips, I’m doing cartwheels or whatever the case may be. I didn’t think before I did it. I just jumped and did a flip. So it was almost like subconsciously I did what I normally what I would do celebrating a victory that I normally get.

He added:

Let me be honest with you, man. I don’t deserve to get paid for that. It’s disappointing watching that. My mother has to see that. People that look up to me and see me become an inspiration to them have to look at that. Even though I’m not a champion so to speak, but I overcame a lot of things and I became something that I never thought I would become. Just to have my first pro fight is crazy, because I didn’t think I’d ever be on this level. It just happened so fast.

So, the rules are the rules. And at the end of the day, when you actually look at what took place, I’m OK with having my pay taken away. I’m OK with being suspended 90 days. I’m OK with that. Because you can’t get that back. The video is priceless. I have to look back at that and live with regret every single day.

The moral of the story here is if you’re looking for some banter, don’t become an MMA fighter.