MMA Fighter Reveals Monster Scar Following Horrific Skull Fracture

cyborg_before_after.0Evangelista Santos

At Bellator 158 in London fight fans witnessed Michael Page literally cave in Evangelista Santos’ skull with a flying knee.

The damage was shocking, with CT scans showing the bone resembling a jigsaw puzzle rather than a human skull.

Santos was released from hospital on Thursday night, and shared images of the monster scar stitches will leave him with after seven hours of surgery.

Santos told MMA Fighting:

I had surgery yesterday, and thank God everything went fine.

cyborg_before_after_ct.2Evangelista Santos

He added:

It lasted seven hours, and the hospital will give Bellator a full report later today. God guided the doctors in this surgery so everything went well.

cyborg_before_after3.0Evangelista Santos

Those are some serious stitches, and when that heals up Santos will have one hell of a scar to show off.

What the future holds for the Brazilian welterweight’s career as a result is still to be determined, but we wish him all the best for a full recovery.