MMA Fighter Takes On Someone Half Her Size In Epic Fight


Any UFC fan will tell you that size doesn’t always matter when it comes to who’s going to win a fight.

Obviously, we have different weight divisions but you get the point I’m making!

I’ll admit, looking at the fight between Gabi Garcia and Japanese wrestler Megumi Yabushita, you’d have picked a winner on size alone.

31-year-old Garcia, who stands at 6ft tall, weighing just under 210 pounds has a bit of a reputation for taking on opponents, shall we say, a bit below her level.

Earlier this year, Garcia knocked out retired Japanese wrestler, 49-year-old Yumiko Hotta, in less than 45 seconds – I’ll say no more.

Her reputation was done no favours when in her latest fight, she took on veteran fighter Megumi Yabushita.

Despite being 75lb lighter – that’s the equivalent of about 100 cans of beer – and nearly a foot shorter, the courageous Yabushita stepped into the ring.

As you can imagine, the fight went the way most predicted, with Garcia landing blow after blow on her opponent.

Yabushita was dropped to the canvas with a ruthless two-punch combination and a victory for Garcia looked certain.

However, Garcia chose to land an illegal soccer kick to Yabushita’s face and the fight was immediately called off as a No Contest.

Well there you go kids, Yabushita proving you have nothing to fear but fear itself!