MMA Fighter’s Massive Cheap Shot Scores Brutal Knockout


This looks like an impressive three second knockout, but this MMA fighter showed zero sportsmanship and broke a key courtesy on his way to victory.

Viewers were outraged when Ibragim Khalilov lured Bakhtiyar Barotov into a sense of security by faking a routine glove tap, before flooring him with one huge punch.

In MMA, this is a seriously cheap shot, and though there’s nothing specifically against it in official guidelines, it is one of the sport’s ‘unwritten rules’.


UFC bantamweight champ Cody Garbrandt had some top advice for Baratov…

Here’s the brutal video…

The bout took place at WBK 22 on Saturday in China, and Lhalilov took full advantage of Baratov’s willingness to show respect.

It is one of the fastest knockouts you will see this year, but also one of the cheapest.

No wonder they say protect yourself at all times…