Moment Everyone Was Expecting To Happen At Olympics Skateboarding Painfully Happens

by : Emily Brown on : 25 Jul 2021 10:40
Moment Everyone Was Expecting To Happen At Olympics Skateboarding Painfully HappensTokyo Olympics

Like any sport, skateboarding has its risks, and Olympic athlete Angelo Caro Narvaez proved that not even the best of the best are immune to getting gut-wrenchingly injured. 

The Peruvian athlete took part in the first skateboarding event in Olympic history this weekend, when he stepped up to the course for the men’s street competition.


Taking into account the ground-breaking nature of the event, the fact that it was being watched by millions and the blood, sweat and tears that would have no doubt gone in to training, it’s likely Narvaez was feeling the pressure, so we can hardly blame him for the slip up on his first run of the course, where an attempt at a grind went wrong.

Angelo Caro Narvaez at the Olympics (PA Images)PA Images

Footage of the scene showed the skateboarder lose his balance while trying to land from the rail, and with another rail quickly approaching it seemed that Narvaez’s fate was set.

After failing to right the board, the athlete crashed to the ground, legs akimbo, and slid groin-first into the awaiting rail. Given the nature of the event it’s not a particularly surprising injury, but it’s one that I’m sure most people wouldn’t wish even on their worst enemy.


Check out what happened below:

I don’t even have the anatomy to fully consider the pain such a situation would cause, but witnessing the scene was enough to make me cringe, and I’m certainly not the only one.

One person who shared footage of the scene on Twitter could be heard gasping in shock as Narvaez hit the rail, and social media users were quick to share their thoughts on the unfortunate scene.


Jokingly, one Twitter user wrote: ‘Good thing his balls were there to halt his momentum.’

Another commented: ‘Collective gasp from the crowd for Angelo. Ouch.’

Narvaez’s blunder unfortunately resulted in him receiving a low score of 1.01 for the run, but the skateboarder was given a second attempt at a run, followed by a run of five individual tricks, thanks to the way the sport is scored at the Olympics.


Though he didn’t get off to a great start, Narvaez managed to make up for it with a 6.96 score in his second run and an impressive run of tricks that secured him seventh place in the heats and qualified him for the finals, where he finished fifth with a score of 32.87.

Whether for taking part in a history-making event or the moment that he hit the rail, one thing’s for sure; Narvaez won’t be forgetting his time in the Olympics any time soon.

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