Apparently There’s A New ‘Most Hated’ Team In The Premier League

Sydney FC v Chelsea FCGetty

It’s a conversation everyone’s had.

When one particular team comes on Match of the Day on a Saturday night, you think ‘oh not this bunch of wankers’ and head for the beer fridge.

But who does the country collectively hate the most?

Well, up until last year, Manchester United held the top spot pretty convincingly, but they’ve now relinquished their crown to Chelsea.

SK Rapid v Chelsea F.C.  - Friendly MatchGetty

That could well be down to many factors, be it Jose Mourinho returning to Stamford Bridge, or Diego Costa being a monumental bellend all season.

Or maybe it’s because everyone was that bored with Louis van Gaal’s football that they forgot to vote.

United are in second spot in the hate table, with Arsenal amazingly missing out on the top four. Who’d have thought that.

Liverpool are third, probably because they’re always banging on about how it’s going to be their year, and Manchester City round off the top four.

Charlton Athletic v AFC Bournemouth - Sky Bet ChampionshipGetty

Bournemouth are the least hated in the Premier League, with reigning champions Leicester City second bottom – because it’s virtually impossible to hate Claudio Ranieri.

Here’s the standings in full:

  1. Chelsea
  2. Manchester United
  3. Liverpool
  4. Manchester City
  5. Arsenal
  6. Tottenham Hotspur
  7. Stoke City
  8. West Ham United
  9. Sunderland
  10. West Brom
  11. Crystal Palace
  12. Everton
  13. Hull City
  14. Middlesbrough
  15. Swansea
  16. Southampton
  17. Watford
  18. Burnley
  19. Leicester City
  20. Bournemouth

So there you go, next time Chelsea hit your screens, you can be safe in the knowledge that nearly everyone in the country is sharing in your hate.