Muhammad Ali’s Words On Terrorism And Islam Were Perfect


Fifteen years ago, Muhammad Ali made an incredible speech about his faith in Islam and his beliefs as a Muslim and it’s just as a relevant today as it was then.  

After the horrendous terrorist attack of 9/11 which shook the world, America held a tribute programme to the heroes who lost their lives in the devastation and the emergency services who fought tirelessly to help.

The iconic boxer was one of the guest speakers at the candlelit vigil and had some extremely powerful words to share which, in the light of the recent terror attack that shocked London, are still extremely poignant.

The heavyweight champion, although suffering badly from Parkinson’s disease at the time, stood on stage next to Will Smith to make his moving speech.

He said:

I’m a Muslim. I’ve been a Muslim for 20 years. And I’m against killing, violence and all Muslims are against it.

I think people should know the real truth about Islam. People recognise me for being a boxer and a man of truth and I wouldn’t be here to represent Islam if it was really like the terrorists make us look.

I think all the people should know the truth and come to recognise the truth because Islam is peace, against killing, murder and the terrorist and the people doing it in the name of Islam are wrong.

And if I had a chance, I’d do something about it.

Muhammad Ali on Islam & Terrorism

"I think all the people should know the truth and come to recognise the truth because Islam is peace."

Posted by IlmFeed on Saturday, 11 June 2016

His humbling message seems all the more important to remember after the attack in Westminster on Wednesday, which claimed the lives of four innocent people.

Allegedly, ISIS have now claimed responsibility for the atrocities, which they believe were done in the name of ‘Islam,’ but this is absolutely not the case at all and it’s important we remember this.

So it seems, almost a decade and a half after the attack on the Twin Towers, Ali’s words still ring true and it is essential we do not confuse hatred and terror with the peaceful religion of Islam.

An incredibly powerful speech.