Mum Reveals Amazing Story Of How Tony Bellew ‘Saved Her Son’s Life’

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A thankful mother has spoken out in praise of boxer Tony Bellew, not only for his win at the weekend, but for how he saved her son’s life.


Laura Evison explained that back when Bellew was less well known, he helped her son stand up to bullies when he ‘was in a bad place’.

The Bomber stepped up and messaged her son Liam, who ‘was being bullied and wanted to kill himself’, telling him to stand up to them and giving his personal backing.


Liam, 16, had followed the WBC Cruiserweight champion of the world and looked up to him, so the Scouse boxers words of support helped him a lot.


Laura, 34, told the Liverpool Echo:

Liam was getting very badly bullied at school at the time, there were gangs of lads waiting for him, he was being assaulted – I had to take him to Alder Hey one night too as he was in a bad place.

He liked Tony so I tweeted him for some words of inspiration and the message I got back was amazing, it definitely helped him gain a bit more respect.

Liam has now met Tony a couple of times outside Goodison and when he came to his school after he won the WBC Cruiserweight belt.

He likes to remind Tony of the tweet, he is very proud of it.

Laura took to social media to spread the word of her story. She wrote on Facebook:

I will never understand any scouser who wanted David Haye to win…

If you don’t understand the many reasons for this then your not worth trying to explain the reasons too…

5-6 years ago before Tony Bellew was as well known as he is these days… my Liam followed him and looked up to him…

When he was being severely bullied and wanted to kill himself!! (yes you read that right)

I messaged Tony on twitter and told him the situation, he replied and said to tell Liam, to tell the bullies that he was his best mate…

To show the bullies the message and that any more messing and he’d be down there!

I love real genuine helpful people.

Twitter - Laura Eveson with Bellew

Laura confirmed on Twitter that Liam is now doing really well and the message from Bellew made him really proud.

I guess 16-year-old bullies would heed the warnings of The Bomber.

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