Nate Diaz Says McGregor’s Comeback Win Was Fixed And ‘Fake As Sh*t’

by : Julia Banim on : 19 Jan 2020 11:03
Nate Diaz Says McGregor's Comeback Win Was Fixed And 'Fake As Sh*t'Nate Diaz Says McGregor's Comeback Win Was Fixed And 'Fake As Sh*t'PA

UFC fans across the globe looked on with admiration as Conor McGregor knocked out Donald ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone in 40 seconds at UFC 246.

After a 15 month absence from the cage, McGregor, 31, has more than lived up to his ‘Notorious’ reputation; smashing records to become the first ever fighter to score knockouts in the lightweight, featherweight and welterweight divisions.

However, not everyone has been left awestruck by this monumental return to form. The Irishman’s long-time rival Nate Diaz has had more than a few choice words to say about this widely-lauded victory.

Conor McGregorConor McGregorPA

Taking to Twitter shortly after the blink-and-you’d-miss-it fight wrapped up, Diaz, 34, blasted McGregor’s comeback performance as being ‘weak as f*ck’, remarking that ‘This sh*ts alll [sic] fake’.

Having perhaps woken up on the wrong side of the Octagon, Diaz also took aim at Jorge Masvidal’s Versace robe, tweeting, ‘And why the fuck u in a robe Smh’.

Prior to the Las Vegas fight, Cerrone had to shut down allegations that he was being given a nice pay packet to bow down to McGregor; deliberately losing for the sake of cold, hard cash.


Speaking with MMA Fighting, Cerrone vehemently denied the accusations:

Hell no, I’m not bowing down. There’s a bunch of sh*t going around, people keep telling me ‘I heard you’re getting paid to take a dive’.

There wouldn’t be enough money in the world for someone to pay me to take a dive. I could never look myself in the mirror if somebody paid me to take a dive. Sh*t, never happen.

I’d rather fight for free than take money to f*cking lose. That’s not me. I’m going to fight my ass off like I do every time.

Nate DiazNate Diaz@NateDiaz209/Twitter

As reported by MMA Junkie, McGregor made the following post-bout comments after being made aware of Diaz’s criticism:


Let’s go, Nathan. Let’s go, brother. Number 3. It’s always here. We’re right here, Nathan.

The rivalry between McGregor and Diaz is an old one. Diaz defeated McGregor at UFC 196 way back in March 2016, but when they met again at UFC 202 just five months later, McGregor arose as the victor.

Whether a third bout between the pair is on the cards following McGregor’s tremendous comeback triumph remains to be seen.

But one thing is for sure, this would make for a far fierier meeting than the amiable one we have just witnessed.


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