‘Netflix For Sport’ Broadcaster To Change The Game For Football Fans


Football is an expensive business.

It might be £60 quid for a ticket to watch your favourite team at home, or God knows how much for a plane ticket to see them in Europe.

Add to that the money it costs to get a sports subscription through Sky and now BT – because of course they had to go and get the rights to the Champions League and cost us all more money – and you’re looking at a pretty hefty bill each season.

However, now DAZN, a Netflix style service, have changed the game in Germany at least, offering sports fans the chance to see ALL games from across the big leagues in Europe, and at the ridiculously reasonable price of £8.60 per month.

The only glitch is that Bundesliga games will not be shown live – due to German broadcasters paying for the exclusive rights – but there will be a highlights show and repeats of the games.

Serie A, La Liga, Ligue 1 and Premier League games will all be live, meaning it’s actually a pretty sweet deal.

Not only will football be available, but tennis, darts, basketball and American football are also on offer – making it even better value for money.


Currently the service is only available in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, but it’s hard to see it failing to take off, meaning it will probably be available in England eventually.

You’d have to assume there would be a similar ban on live Premier League games due to Sky Sports and BT flexing their muscles and buying the rights which cost them £5.36 bilion combined for a three year mega-deal.

However, to even get all the other European games – not to mention a host of other sports – for less than a tenner a month is pretty decent, and would allow you to potentially even downgrade your Sky Sports or BT Sport subscriptions.

Either way, it seems the tide is turning when it comes to TV rights and sport, and along with the ‘Twenty is Plenty’ campaign to save fans money when it comes to buying away tickets (obviously clubs were greedy and it has ended up being £30 for tickets), this could be the start of football fans saving some of their hard earned cash.

Bring it on.