New England Kit Is Launched, Doesn’t Pass Twitter Test

New england kit@england

England launched their new kit for Euro 2016 today, and it caused quite a reaction on social media.

People took to their keyboards to furiously vent their anger via the 140-character platform that is Twitter, and some of them were hilarious.

It’s safe to say the new design, which features weird grey-blue sleeves and red socks, didn’t meet everyone’s approval.

Here’s the best of the reaction:

Some people reacted with the usual English pessimism:

While others just stated the fucking obvious:

Sarcy bastard.

There was good news for overlooked West Ham midfielder Mark Noble though:

Meanwhile, this guy’s kid must have some snazzy pyjamas:

Others just said what they felt, no need for anything clever:

But we did find one person who actually liked it, and he wasn’t afraid of the backlash:

And some were just honest about things:

This bloke summed up the Twitter explosion quite nicely:

Whether you’re a fashionista or not, the England kit is all over Twitter and will cause debate until the next one comes out in six months…