New Sparring Footage Leak Is Good News For Conor McGregor

YouTube / Fancy Combat

New footage from Conor McGregor’s sparring sessions with former partner Paul Malignaggi shows he’s ready for this weekend’s fight with Floyd Mayweather.

At this point it’s completely logical to question McGregor’s preparedness for early-Sunday morning’s fight. After all we’re talking about a man with no professional boxing experience stepping into the ring with the man widely considered to be the greatest of his generation – we’ve said it so much we’re starting to sound like a broken record.

However new-found footage of McGregor’s sparring session shows that we may need to save our appetite for some humble pie.

The leaked footage, which seems to have originated from an unknown source from the Irishman’s camp, shows McGregor getting in some well timed hits and ends with him knocking Malignaggi down on his arse.

While the footage doesn’t exactly display anything amazing, it does show McGregor is capable of handling himself in the ring against a former pro champion. And remember Mayweather has been out of action for two years, so that counts in McGregor’s favour – for what it’s worth.

At same time though, you could dispute the validity of this footage due to the heavy editing involved.

Fancy Combat / YouTube

Malignaggi left the Notorious’s training camp under acrimonious circumstances after previous footage was leaked of their sparring sessions, which breaks the unspoken omerta (code of silence) within a boxing gym.

The former welterweight has apparently criticised the leak and goaded Conor’s camp into showing the unedited footage of their sessions.

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So what do you think of this new, unearthed footage? Does this give legitimacy to McGregor’s chances in build up to the fight? Or is this fight still going Mayweather’s way?

Sound off in the comments below.