NFL Star Marlon Humphrey Chokes Out Odell Beckham Jr. During Football Match

by : Emily Brown on : 30 Sep 2019 07:59
NFL Star Marlon Humphrey Chokes Out Competitor Odell Beckham Jr. NFL Star Marlon Humphrey Chokes Out Competitor Odell Beckham Jr. NFL

American football is obviously designed to be a contact sport, hence the headgear and shoulder pads, but the protection wasn’t enough to stop Cleveland Browns player Odell Beckham Jr. getting choked out by Marlon Humphrey on the field. 


The pair started brawling during yesterday’s Browns-Ravens NFL game, with Beckham throwing the first punch in the third quarter after becoming frustrated with Humphrey.

Though Humphrey had a pretty good go at defeating his competitor, the choke wasn’t enough to stop the Browns taking the win 40-25.

Check out the brawl below:


According to CBS Sports, All-Pro wide receiver Beckham became annoyed with Humphrey as the Baltimore Ravens cornerback shadowed him throughout the game. Though the Ravens allowed 530 yards, Humphrey made sure Beckham wasn’t able to do his part.

Beckham is reportedly no stranger to having a temper tantrum on the field and his frustrations with his opponent became physical when he tried to sweep Humphrey’s leg and threw a punch at the cornerback’s head.

The move backfired, however, when the Ravens player took Beckham to the ground and put his hands around his throat. Humphrey held the wide receiver to the ground for a few seconds before other players came to pull him off.

Both players received unnecessary roughness penalties for the fight, though neither were ejected.

Beckham played down the situation after both the fight and the game came to an end, as the NFL Network’s Mike Garafolo reported him as saying ‘I’m just upset I lost my earring.’

However, Browns head coach Freddie Kitchens expressed his anger at the lack of action taken.


According to ESPN, he commented:

I saw what you saw. He was getting choked on the ground. They get away with that because it’s Odell. I’m going to be on the phone with Al (Riveron, NFL senior vice president of officiating) when I get on the bus.

After the game, the cornerback said he apologised to Beckham though he claimed the Browns player didn’t return the sentiment.

Humphrey added there should have been stronger repercussions, saying:

I ran into him after the game and apologised. That’s not really the brand of football I want to represent. [After] the whistle blows, it’s got to be over with.

I don’t think he did [apologise]. But I definitely told the refs he should’ve been ejected. It is what it is. Emotions flare.

As for the result of the game, Humphrey said, ‘we lost, so it is what it is.’

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