Nicklas Bendtner Gets Fined For The Most Nicklas Bendtner Reason Ever

bendtner sunThe Sun

It’s fair to say that Nicklas Bendtner is a fucking maverick.

Whether it’s posing naked with just a bra over his bollocks, kicking down the door to a gym in his apartment complex, or pulling his shorts down to reveal a branded pair of boxers, the Danish striker is never far from the headlines.

And today he’s picked up another ridiculous fine for his latest misdemeanour.

Bendtner currently plays for German side VFL Wolfsburg and has been fined £1,770 for turning up 45 minutes late for training.

And his excuse? He overslept.

Bendtner told German newspaper Bild: 

I have overslept, I even ignored my alarm clock. My mistake.

Well, he seems sorry.

The fines department at Wolfsburg has been busy this week, after striker Max Kruse was docked £20,000 for leaving £60,000 of poker winnings in the back of a taxi.

Sounds like a day at Wolfsburg is an interesting one.