Kranjcar’s Rangers Move Could Fail Because Of Oddest Reason Ever

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You remember Niko Kranjcar, right?

Yeah that’s the one – the Croatian midfielder who literally follows Harry Redknapp wherever he goes, makes us all realise that he’s not quite as good as he once was, then buggers off to another random club.

Well, he’s been strongly linked with a move to Rangers, as the Scottish giants return to the SPL for the first time since financial trouble saw them relegated several divisions.

Kranjcar is a free agent, so he’s open to pretty much anything, but his girlfriend isn’t as open minded.

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According to reports in CroatiaZrinka Cvitesic ‘doesn’t fancy Scotland’ – and wants to remain in New York, where the pair are based after Kranjcar’s contract with New York Cosmos expired last month.

It’s hard to believe Cvitesic doesn’t want to swap yellow cabs and Central Park for deep fried Mars Bars and underage drinking in the streets, but you know, whatever floats your boat.

Never mind Niko, maybe you can get a knock off Jordanian citizenship and join ‘Arry in the Middle East…