Notorious Troll Gets Taste Of Karma After Calling Out Boxer


This troll and wannabe big-shot got what was coming to him after threatening a boxer on his YouTube channel. 

The boxing troll, Charlie Zelenoff videoed himself shouting about his fighting achievements, claiming that he floored Floyd Mayweather before turning his attention on another boxer in the ring.

The wannabe gained a tiny piece of fame, after a video of him fighting with Mayweather went viral, but his actions in the footage did not live up to his claims…


Instead of knocking out the professional, the clip showed Zelenoff sucker-punching him – while he had his back turned – before being launched at by watchers at the ringside.

In his latest, cringeworthy video, he can be heard bragging about his skills once more while pointing at another boxer in the gym.

He boasted:

I knocked out Floyd Mayweather Snr and I’m gonna knock you the fuck out too.

Wannabe Zelenoff then embarrassingly challenges his chosen opponent to a fight in which, surprise, surprise, he loses.

As he heads for the door, the cocky troll is bodyslammed by his opponent, who unleashes a whole load of fury on the wannabe champ’s ass.

Without thinking twice about it, the man he challenged pulled the stricken Zelenoff into a chokehold, leaving him to squeal until onlookers broke up the scuffle.

Here’s the full excruciating footage:

The hilarious clip has since gone viral, with viewers taking to the challenged boxer’s side over trolling Zelenoff.

One wrote:

I must say the ending of this video is swift poetic justice.


This definitely makes for awkward watching…

Perhaps he should be a little more careful about who he picks on in future, that wouldn’t be as funny for us though…