Eden, Shut Up With The Bullsh*t, You’ve Shown Your True Colours

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Fans of Eden Hazard might want to look away now.

In fact, Chelsea fans might want to give this one a miss period, because it’s not going to make for pleasant reading. Well, it’ll be more enjoyable than your season so far – but only just.

Why is that? Well, it’s because Eden Hazard – you remember him – star of your title winning campaign last season, possessor of Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak this time round, has been speaking to the press again.

Oh the joy. How can we possibly look away when Eden speaks, given his penchant for being more entertaining in press conferences this season than he has been on the field.

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Before the PSG game, we heard all about how a move to the Ligue 1 Champions would be ‘hard to turn down’, but now, ahead of the second leg, Eden has been speaking once again.

This time, two FA Cup goals later (against the mighty MK Dons and Manchester City C team no less) he’s performed a bit of a U-turn.

In fact, now the Belgian international wants to stay at Chelsea and ‘win trophies’.

Well Eden, hate to break it to you pal, but this season that’s not going to happen – it’s not 2012 again. Drogba isn’t here to save Chelsea this time.

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In fact, it might be a while before Chelsea win a significant trophy again – and it’s partly your fault.

The Blues are once again stuck in a loop of managerial merry-go-round, and with Guus Hiddink wisely running away as quickly as his legs will carry him at the end of the season (probably to prepare for his next interim role with the Blues in 2019), a new manager has to be found.

Much like the first time Jose Mourinho left, there are no shortage of names being linked with the job, but for every Carlo Ancelotti (who of course was sacked in the tunnel after the Everton game, only a season after winning the double with the club) there is an AVB or a Scolari.

Chelsea have to make their next managerial appointment with care – having already been rejected by Diego Simeone, and look like going for Antonio Conte – but with Klopp, Guardiola, Bilic, Pochettino and what looks like being Jose Mourinho back in the league next season, Eden’s wish of a significant trophy might be a while off.

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Considering he was one of the main players responsible for the sacking of Jose Mourinho (although he did sent the manager a text to apologise, so all is well and good in the world again), and has been God awful this season, failing to score a goal in the league in over 2,000 minutes now, it’s a bit rich of him to be speaking to the press at all.

Player power and media manipulation is all well and good, but at Chelsea it goes too far.

Fair enough, back your players if they’re leaders and love the club like Lampard, Terry and Drogba in the AVB era, but players like Hazard and Costa v Mourinho?

There should’ve been only one winner – but as per usual, Roman Abramovich picked the wrong one.

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Kissing the badge after scoring a penalty against lower league cup opposition might placate the fans for now, but in the long run, should PSG or Real Madrid come calling (although why would either after Hazard’s attitude and decline this season) Hazard will have his bags packed and transfer request handed in quicker than a winger goes past Branislav Ivanovic.

That, along with his attitude this season, is why all his superlatives about ‘staying with Chelsea and winning trophies’ count for so little.

Doing it when things are going well (which FYI, Hazard still isn’t) and doing it when you’re not so happy and the results are going the wrong way are different things, which is why the fans should welcome the words from Cesar Azpilicueta about his long term future being at Chelsea with smiles and open arms – and the ones from Hazard with scepticism and caution.

Hazard has shown his true colours this season, and they’re not the blue of Chelsea.