Manchester United Hero Reveals Why One Legend ATTACKED Cristiano Ronaldo

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When you think of Ryan Giggs, you may think of many things.

Granted, not all of them might be football related, but one thing you wouldn’t associate the Welshman with is violence.

He’s hardly the most confrontational of guys, but former Manchester United team mate Ole Gunnar Solskjaer revealed a time where he did get his curly chest hairs in a twist.

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According to the Norwegian, Giggs pinned Cristiano Ronaldo up against a wall as the squad met for breakfast many moons ago, and the reason makes the story all the more confusing.

Did he wink at Giggs in a way that said ‘just shagged Imogen Thomas mate’, did he steal one of Giggsy’s Weetabix?

No, Cristiano was drinking a Coke.


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Jan Aage Fjortoft revealed the story through his Twitter account, and claimed that Solskjaer witnessed Giggs tell Ronaldo ‘don’t ever do that again’.

Now, no one’s sure what Giggs has against Coke, but we’re assuming he’s more of a Pepsi guy.

Or maybe he was just wary of Ronaldo going down as the best winger to have ever played for Man United?

Either way, that’s a scrap we’d like to see.