Olympian Shows Horrific Picture Of His Hands After 1,000km Row

by : UNILAD on : 29 Aug 2017 17:15

Champion rower Alex Gregory MBE has shared an image of his hands after rowing from Norway to Iceland.


The two-time Olympic gold medalist, from Cheltenham, was part of an expedition who were trying to reach the Arctic.

Despite the feat proving too tough and the group deciding to abandon their record breaking adventure, Gregory and the team still managed to to row 1000 km before becoming stranded on a remote Norwegian island.

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Gregory and co. are still waiting to be rescued but the Olympian decided to let people, and his children, know he and the team were doing fine.


Taking to Twitter, Gregory also wanted to show the world how hardcore the expedition was – he shared a pretty graphic image of the battering taken by his hands.

Warning, this is not pretty:

Our first thought upon seeing this was:


Earlier this week Gregory explained to Gloucestershire Live:

At times I thought I would never see land, my family or anything ever again.

It’s an easy decision because I want to get home to my family.

My three young children need their dad, they need him to be responsible and to make the right decisions in life.

They need him to be brave, adventurous, ambitious and to set them the right example, but they also need him to not take unnecessary risks.


Despite having to cut short his Arctic expedition we can at least salute the brilliant effort made by Alex and his team.

We just hope that he can be reunited with his family – and some moisturising cream – very soon.

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