Olympic Cameraman Scorned For Filming A Cockroach

by : Julia Banim on : 31 Jul 2021 15:09
Olympic Cameraman Scorned For Filming A CockroachtyCsports

It’s one of the most important competitions in the sporting calendar, and one that many of us would long to see up close.

However, it would appear that one Olympic Games cameraman wasn’t quite as enthralled by proceedings as the fans watching from home.


Appearing to lose interest somewhat during the women’s hockey match between Spain and Argentina, the cameraman, as shown on Argentine sports channel TyC, panned to something completely unrelated to the game at hand: a cockroach.

Argentina had been beating Spain 1-0 with just over five minutes of game time left in the fourth quarter, and it seemed a strange time to focus on something so irrelevant.

The TyC commentator can even be heard offering commentary on the cockroach, noting that ‘la cucaracha’ was scuttling about the stadium.


Now, the presence of the cockroach would be – for many people at least – a fair bit less interesting than the conclusion of a nail-biting hockey game, and many viewers have been left understandably confused as to why the programme had switched into nature documentary mode.

One person tweeted:

When the inner spirit of wildlife photography is rekindled but you’re stuck inside a stadium,you gotta do what you gotta do.


Another agreed, ‘For sure, he wanted to be a wildlife photographer.’

Someone has even set up a Twitter account for the accidentally famous bug, who has declared themselves to be ‘Overwhelmed by the global attention, support, and love.’

Thankfully, the cameraman eventually managed to tear his eyes away from the cockroach returned just in time to see Argentina claim their 3-0 victory.


The Olympic Games cockroach could not be reached for comment at this time, and is no doubt just getting their tiny head around their sudden fame.

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