Olympic Swimmers Keep Breaking This Rule And Getting Away With It

Swimming - Olympics: Day 7Getty

Over the past week I’ve spiralled downwards into a full blown Olympic addiction. It fuels my nights and gives me something to look forward to. But this. This is just disgusting…

Turns out there’s one rule for Olympic swimmer and one rule for the rest of us non-Olympic swimmers, and quite frankly I’m not happy about it.

I joke, I couldn’t give a fuck but some people are genuinely pretty pissed off, reports indy100.

And what is this rule that Olympians keep ignoring? They keep sitting on the lines. Dun dun dunnnnnn.

Swimming - Olympics: Day 7Getty

Now come on guys, I know you’ve just smashed world records and bagged gold but do you really have to sit on the line?

The answer, according to raging Twitter users across the globe, is no:

Thank fuck no pools have turned green yet. Oh wait.