Olympics Presenter Practising How To Walk Doesn’t Realise He’s Live On TV

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Olympics Presenter Practising How To Walk Doesn't Realise He's Live On TV@xxgvkxx/TikTok

An Olympics presenter has been caught on live television practising his walk into his section of the broadcast. 

A TikTok video of the recording shows the presenter consulting a producer off-camera about how he should enter his section of the broadcast.


So far, the video has amassed more than 348,200 views, 30,900 likes and 169 comments.

The video was posted by TikTok user Georgia Van-Kook, who captioned the video: ‘Probably the funniest thing I’ve seen on the Olympics so far.’


The presenter can be heard practising the opening line of his broadcast: ‘Good Morning, it’s day nine and we are over halfway through Tokyo 2020. Bit sad about that, actually.’

He then pauses his practise and wanders back to his starting position with his hands in his pockets.

Presenter Practicing Walk (@xxgvkxx) TikTok (@xxgvkxx)

The presenter then asks another member of the team: ‘Dan, do you think I should walk or maybe chassé down the line? What was the one that we did?’


The presenter continues his walk down the floor, side stepping to the left as if in a ballroom dance, before returning to his starting position to presumably go again.

Presenter Practicing Walk 2 (@xxgvkxx) TikTok (@xxgvkxx)

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Other TikTokers found the video equally as hilarious as Georgia, taking to the comments to express their amusement. One said: ‘Did they realize they were live eventually? lol.’

Another commented: 


I mean I think he was on in the very early hours so fair play makes it fun.

A third said: ‘I was feeling the sashay’.

Another TikTok user clarified the terminology the presenter used when he asked someone off camera whether he should ‘chassé’ or not; ‘chassé’ being a noun and ‘sashay’ a synonym for the noun.

Another who took to the comments seemed to think the presenter had been on Strictly Come Dancing. If he hasn’t, then the presenter should certainly keep up the practice and hopefully he can then make his dancing debut, so that next time he is knowingly performing a chassé on live television.


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