One-Legged Cancer Survivor Has Incredible Run On Ninja Warrior

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American Ninja Warrior is more than just a load of well built guys and gals trying to destroy a crazy obstacle course.

It’s about grit, determination and, above all else, proving that anything is possible.

With all these components, it’s no surprise that the show can be pretty damn uplifting and inspirational for those who watch it, especially with moments like this.

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Enter Zach Gowen. He’s a former WWE superstar, who battled cancer as a young lad and lost his leg at just eight years of age.

With a huge crowd of fans and fellow competitors cheering behind him, he attempted the famous obstacle course.

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In footage from the Indianapolis qualifier , the commentator can be heard telling viewers: “We’ve seen great athletes fall on this first obstacle. I think getting one step would be a huge victory.”

But the 33-year-old wrestler instantly proved them wrong, showing off pure athleticism and determination, as he left each tricky obstacle in his wake.

giphy (1)giphy (1)YouTube/American Ninja Warrior

He managed to defeat obstacle after obstacle in his own unique way, before the fly wheels were just too much for him. But it’s fair to say that going by the reaction from the audience and hosts, he’d certainly made an impact.


To see someone overcoming adversity and tackling the course in the way he did is incredibly humbling – I’d have literally no fucking chance of clearing the first obstacle, let alone the entire course.

American-Ninja-WarriorAmerican-Ninja-WarriorYouTube/American Ninja Warrior

He really is a true inspiration to us all.

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