Paris 2024 Olympic Logo Is Getting Roasted For Looking Like A ‘Karen’

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Paris 2024 Olympic Logo Is Getting Roasted For Looking Like A 'Karen'PA Images

The Paris 2024 Olympic logo is getting absolutely roasted on Twitter after people realised it resembled the face of a ‘Karen’. 

Paris unveiled its logo for the 2024 Olympics in October 2019. With reports saying it contained an optical illusion featuring three different images.


The three images within the logo are a gold medal, an Olympic flame and the face of Marianne. Marianne is the symbol of the French Republic and, according to the French government, embodies the French values of liberty, equality and fraternity.

However, Twitter critics have been quick to share their own views on its design, many pointing out Marianne’s similarity to the popular ‘Karen’ meme.

Thanks to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, the roasting of the French logo has been reignited. With one user commenting: ‘Wtf is that Paris 2024 logo lmao. 2012 flashbacks all over again when we were traumatised in the run up to the start by that logo being all over London.’


Another joked:

Are you telling me, they chose this for Paris 2024? This is almost as odd as the London 2012 logo… however, I feel we’re going to be getting some cute new games – totally here for burlesque and pole dancing as recognised Olympic sports! Sign me up for Team GB pole!!


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A third said: ‘Feels like a good time to remind the timeline that Paris 2024 had literally the perfect logo that represented the number 24 and the Eiffel Tower, and then bombed it off for a logo that looks like a dating app for middle-aged women who yell at baristas.’


A Twitter user has even taken to making a thread titled, ‘The #Paris2024 logo as female icons’, featuring women such as Kelly Rowland, Rihanna, Sharon Osbourne and more.

Only time will tell if France decides to reverse back to its original 2024 Olympics design. However, for the meantime, having a logo which looks like Nessa out of Gavin and Stacey or Claire’s dodgy ‘pencil’ haircut from Fleabagis just the sort of humour I’m here for.

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