Three Old Ladies And A Rapper Confirm Pogba’s United Move


We all know it’s happening, but we’re just waiting for official confirmation.

Paul Pogba’s world record move from Juventus to Manchester United is almost done, after the Frenchman landed in Manchester on Monday and completed a medical.

But as the world waits for official confirmation from the Red Devils, one man has mistakenly already told us it’s a done deal – Stormzy.

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If you don’t know who Stormzy is, he’s a UK rapper that has shot to fame over the last couple of years, and has some rather famous friends in the sporting world.

World Heavyweight Champion Anthony Joshua is one of them, and Pogba is another.

And it’s through that friendship that a video was posted to Stormzy’s Facebook page, before being quickly deleted.

But as is the way in 2016, anything that hits social media is instantly saved and circulated on Twitter, so here’s the hastily taken down video:

Pogba can be seen performing his trademark ‘dab’ celebration in the video, while Stormzy does his thing on the mic.

I’ve no idea what he’s saying, but all the cool kids say he’s quality, so there you go.


Pogba has also had his picture taken in a United shirt while in a launderette, which means the transfer has been confirmed by three old ladies and a rapper, but not United.

What a strange world football has become.