People Are Tipping Wes Morgan For An England Place And It’s Hilarious

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Wes Morgan has been one of the more underrated performers in Leicester City’s fairytale title challenge this season.

But when the Foxes captain scored to give Leicester their fourth successive 1-0 win against Southampton on Saturday, Twitter exploded.

It was hilarious, mostly because a lot of people were tweeting “Morgan for England” and not realising their simple mistake.

Wes Morgan is a Jamaican international.

Here’s the best of the lot:

Even an England cricketer was caught out:

Meanwhile, some had an incling that he wasn’t eligible for England, but couldn’t be arsed doing their research:

But the best of the lot was none other than Harry Redknapp, who wrote in his Telegraph column that the former Nottingham Forest defender should make it into Roy Hodgson’s squad:

Oh Harry, you monumental ballbag. We thought you had such a grasp of international football, too:

Stick to the car interviews on deadline day Harry. Please.