People Are Pointing Out This Actually Isn’t England’s First Euro Final Ever

by : Emily Brown on : 08 Jul 2021 14:47
People Are Pointing Out This Actually Isn’t England’s First Euro Final EverPA Images

England’s win over Denmark in the Euros last night sent the country into a flurry of excitement, but some people have had to correct fans who claimed it’s the first time England has made it into the final of the competition.

Led by captain Harry Kane, the England team will take on Italy in the highly-anticipated final on Sunday, July 11, following a series of successes and ever-louder declarations that it’s ‘coming home’.


Calls of the Three Lions lyrics remind supporters that it’s been years since the team last made it into the final of a major football tournament, with what in 1996 was ’30 years of hurt’ since their win in the 1966 World Cup now up to 55 years.

Harry Kane (PA Images)PA Images

It’s little surprise that fans are so excited for the final after what seems like such a long wait for England, but social media users have urged people to give credit where credit is due and acknowledge that England actually has made it to the last match of the Euros before.

Social media users have called out outlets for incorrect reporting and responded to other users proclaiming that it is a first for the team, as while Sunday will indeed mark a first for the men’s team, the women’s team in England has reached the final twice since 1966, both in 1984 and 2009.


One Twitter user wrote: ‘Just a reminder to all those who are celebrating “England reaching their first major final in 55 years”, the England women’s team were UEFA finalists in 2009 and 1984.’

Another person commented: ‘England’s women’s football team made the Euro final in 2009. Don’t want to take away achievement from last night but heard it mentioned nowhere.’


One social media account claimed Facebook had attempted to censor their efforts to raise awareness of the women’s team’s success, writing that it removed their post for including ‘hate speech’.

The since-removed post reportedly stated: ‘England were last in the Euro finals in 1984 and 2009. It’s just the men’s team that haven’t managed it since 1966.’

Commenting on the company’s decision, the Twitter user wrote:


Speechless is the only thing we are right now.

How do Facebook justify pointing out that the women’s England football team have been in a final since the men is hate speech? How would the England women’s team feel to know that the platform is deleting mentions of their success as hate speech?

This is just more solid evidence of the patriarchy in full force and more needs to be done to stop this ludicrously if we’re ever going to be able to move on into a fairer society.

In 2009, the England women’s team made it to the finals of the UEFA Women’s Euro under the leadership of Arsenal player Faye White before they lost the competition to Germany. Their prior appearance at the finals in 1984 saw the team lose to Sweden on penalties.

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