People Are Working Their Photoshop Magic With That Sh*t Cristiano Ronaldo Head

Getty UK

The Internet proves it’s the best in world again by messing about with Cristiano Ronaldo’s new sculpture.

The ghastly bust was revealed on Wednesday, on the Madeira Islands at an airport which was renamed in his honour. It’s a pretty big deal and should’ve been another momentous moment in his storied career.

However that was all tainted by the fact that the bust unveiled in his honour looked like something out of his personal nightmare.

Honestly if you wanted to know what CR7 would look like if he fell off the ugly tree and was hit by every branch on the way down this bust is a very good indication.

Of course the Internet was quick to react and they set their Photoshop skills to work.

Check out some of our favourites below:

Okay we’ll stop, but only because we could go on here forever.

We’re pretty sure when the Real Madrid icon took the covers off the bust he was thinking ‘What the actual fuck is this?’

Whoever sculpted this, we’re pretty sure this is going to be your last job.

Never change Internet, never change…