People Call For ‘Mystic’ Pig To Become Bacon After Incorrectly Predicting England To Beat Croatia

by : UNILAD on : 12 Jul 2018 10:59
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As we wake up today, (July 12), dealing with England’s 2-1 semi-final exit to Croatia last night, some people are trying to find someone (or something) to blame.


As it goes, it looks like they’ve found someone to blame and the poor unfortunate soul happens to be a pig. Not just any pig, but a psychic one.

Mystic Marcus the Psychic Pig, sealed his fate after he incorrectly predicted the Three Lions would beat Croatia and progress to Sunday’s final on yesterday’s episode of This Morning.

Now, people on Twitter are calling for him to be turned into bacon as his penance.


A bit harsh don’t you think? Pinning your superstitious hopes on a farm animal and then placing the blame on their shoulders.

I for one don’t think there’s anyone to blame really. The national team got further than anyone thought they would and they left everything on the pitch. They got beat by a slightly better team and I accept it because at least I know the future is bright for this young squad.

In fact, I think the only people who weren’t impressed with Gareth Southgate’s men were: a very orange looking Roy Keane (who clearly want’s to go home now), a disgruntled Graeme Souness and Piers Morgan – none of which surprise me to be honest.

What is surprising though, is the number of people calling for poor Marcus to be turned into bacon!

One person Tweeted:

Marcus the Mystic Pig – your days are numbered mate.


Another person on Twitter took it very personally, writing:

That mystic pig can get f*cked aswel. Lying little sh*thouse. [sic]

England fan, Chris Lawley felt:

The pig lied to us. Why would he do this?

While another tweeter declared Marcus as ‘bacon’.

Disclaimer: A) I’m pretty sure she’s not talking about Marcus Rashford and B) I’m assuming she’s joking. Well I hope!

Another tweeter was pretty graphic in his displeasure at Marcus, writing:

I hope that psychic pig that predicted England to win has been murdered chopped up and is inbetween two thick slices of warburtons, breakfast is served mystic f*cking marcus [sic]


The sentiment was echoed by another fan, who added:

that mystic pig can f*ck off as well, predicting england are gonna win making me organise a whole party and sh*t only for it to get cancelled, get out of here #ENGCRO

While another user simply Tweeted:

I’m afraid that Marcus the Mystic Pig now must die

While there was proverbial blood out for Marcus the Psychic Pig, others were just worried about his safety.

One person tweeted:

I’m gutted we didn’t make it to the final but I’m even more gutted that Mystic Marcus the pig got it wrong!

All I can say is, ‘Guys, why were you pinning yesterday’s result on a pig?’. Personally, I blame Drake.

Check this out:

But I digress.

England may not be bringing football back with them this time, but they can certainly hold their heads high; knowing they’ve changed the image of English football for the foreseeable future.

To echo the sentiments on social media, yeah we said it’s coming home… but we didn’t say when exactly!

Bring on Qatar 2020.

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