People Can’t Get Over Who Prince William Watched The England Game With


I think it’s safe to say, 90 per cent of England’s population were glued to a TV screen yesterday (June 24). Why? Because England were playing their second group game at the World Cup – and even Prince William tuned in!

To be fair, The Duke of Cambridge is the current President of the FA, so of course he has a vested interest to see how Gareth Southgate’s men performed during the biggest sporting event in the world (sorry Olympics fans, but it’s true).

Like most of us, he was watching with intent as the Three Lions put on a ruthless 6-1 display against Panama to progress to the knockout stages, with a game in hand.

William happened to be watching the game during his historic visit to the Middle East and the focus – for once – wasn’t on him, but rather the person he was watching it with.

Kensington Palace shared a photo of the noted Aston Villa fan enjoying the game at the Beit Al Urdun Palace, in Jordan, in the company of the country’s Crown Prince.

It’s a good thing England won too, otherwise, he may have felt a tiny bit jealous Hussein bin Abdullah, the heir to the throne of Jordan, was getting all the attention on social media. People were keen to know who the ‘cutie’ next to Wills was.

One person on Twitter claimed the ‘Crown Prince of Jordan is fineeee’ while another asked:

Can you bring the Crown Prince of Jordan home with ya too? [sic].

After seeing his photo on social media, one user declared: ‘Ok I’m off to Jordan’.

Someone else attempted the ‘Joey Tribbiani’ and asked the Crown Prince:

How you doin’? [sic].

Quick question, has that line ever worked in the history of chatting someone up?

William and Hussein bin Abdullah looked very comfortable in the Crown Prince’s luxury pad as they watched the game.

The Duke of Cambridge missed the 1:00 pm kick off on Sunday, so he warned members of his entourage not to mention anything about the result as he wanted no spoilers, reports the Mirror.

Before touching down in Amman, Jordan, which included a tour of Israel and the Palestinian territories, Prince William told those around him:

On pain of death, please don’t tell me the score.

His five-day tour of the Middle East is Prince William’s most high-profile tour to date. It’ll include the first official visit to Israel, as well as the Occupied Palestinian Territories by a member of Monarchy on formal business.

The Duke of Cambridge will also meet with Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas.

Believe it or not, there are people out there who’ve no interest in the greatest sporting competition in the world, there are some out there who are more concerned with this show called Love Island. Apparently, it’s all the rage.

One girl even convinced a pub to show the ‘reality show’ straight after Spain and Portugal’s epic encounter on June 15. Looks like the drama of that game wasn’t enough for some people…

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