Petition Launched To Make ‘Sweet Caroline’ England’s Official National Anthem

by : Emily Brown on : 08 Jul 2021 15:31
Petition Launched To Make 'Sweet Caroline' England's Official National AnthemPA Images

England fans have launched a petition to make Sweet Caroline the country’s official national anthem after it became a favourite tune for the European championships. 

Alongside renditions of the 1996 song Three Lions and a whole array of football chants, Neil Diamond’s infamous track could be heard throughout Wembley last night, July 7, when the England men’s team achieved their win against Denmark and secured their place in the Euros final.


The song isn’t limited to the ongoing Euros competition, however, and has long been a favourite for fans of Aston Villa and Chelsea, as well as in darts and rugby league competitions.

England flags on display in British street (PA Images)PA Images

Though the song itself doesn’t have anything to do with sports, fans showing their pride for teams and players evidently find cheer in the lyrics which state ‘good times never seemed so good’, with hundreds joining in when the song is sung at events.

Following its popularity at recent football matches, sports fan John Cummings launched a petition on Change.org with the hope of changing England’s national anthem from God Save The Queen to Sweet Caroline.


Cummings isn’t messing around with his efforts to get officials on his side as he addressed the petition to ‘The Monarchy’, ‘UK Parliament’ and the ‘United Nations’, though it seems he doesn’t want to get his hopes up too high as he set the goal to a modest and achievable 100 signatures.

Petition to make Sweet Caroline national anthem (Change.org)Change.org

The football fan justified his petition with a blunt statement, which read:

Basically, it’s coming home. Colonial racists aren’t helping that. Raheem Sterling is. This need only be temporary.

We get at it with “Caroline”. God save the queen is a lovely sentiment and all but it’s an out of time dirge, especially at Wembley. It’s been an awful year and we all need picking up. Hands. Touching hands. You know what to do. It’s coming home.


After launching the petition on the day of England’s semi-final match yesterday, Cummings has managed to achieve a small smattering of support by racking up five signatures at the time of writing, July 8.

England fans celebrating goal (PA Images)PA Images

Supporters will have to pick up the pace if they want to reach the goal by the time the final takes place on Sunday, but on the off chance the Monarchy, the government and the UN don’t respond in time, I’ve no doubt England fans will do everything in their power to make Sweet Caroline a tune forever associated with the country.

The European championship final, which kicks off at 8.00pm on Sunday, July 11, marks the first time the England men’s team has ever made it to the last match in the competition.


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