Piers Morgan Forced Into Rare Apology After Being Owned By Medallist Keely Hodgkinson

by : Daniel Richardson on : 04 Aug 2021 11:27
Piers Morgan Forced Into Rare Apology After Being Owned By Medalist Keely HodgkinsonPA Images

Piers Morgan rarely apologises, but silver medallist Keely Hodgkinson managed to humble the TV personality.

Throughout his career, Piers Morgan has been no stranger to making inflammatory comments about a range of topics. Recently, however, Morgan turned his attention to Olympic medals, making headlines when he claimed being proud of anything less than gold is a ‘celebration of failure.’


Keely Hodgkinson broke the British record for the 800 metres when she managed to bag a silver medal in Tokyo. While she didn’t directly address Morgan’s previous comments, the Olympian did manage to completely own him, getting an apology in the process.

Piers Morgan (PA Images)PA Images

The exchange started after Morgan responded to someone quote tweeting his earlier comments, asking whether he considered Keely a ‘loser.’

In response, Morgan wrote:


I’m sorry that facts make you vomit. Self-evidently, if you don’t win a race, you lose it. And Keeley lost to someone the same age as her.

But great to see her break the British record and I hope she now works even harder & wins Gold at Paris in 2024.

The 19-year-old had a simple response as she corrected the spelling of her name, prompting Morgan to say, ‘Haha, my apologies Keely. Great run today but I’m sure you share my view that winning would have been even better…’

Naturally, many have continued to criticise Morgan for saying that a silver medal is a celebration of defeat. One person highlighted that the TV personality had changed his tone dramatically when speaking to Keely, ‘That’s not how you’ve been phrasing all this, though. You’ve been framing silver and bronze as defeats and not worthy of celebration rather than great efforts but could have won gold.’


Others noted that Morgan doesn’t have much experience in 800 metres running unless it’s from Good Morning Britain,”I hope she now works even harder”??? Once you understand 800m running, and how hard she has worked to get to a point where she can go to an Olympic final and ‘win’ a silver medal breaking Kelly Holmes GB record, you can comment. Until then stick to subjects you know about!!’

Someone else took aim at Morgan for his infamous Good Morning Britain walkout after arguing with Alex Beresford, ‘Says the man who lost to his weatherman.’

In recent days, Morgan has furthered his stance, writing ‘Getting a lot of Silver and Bronze medal-winning Olympians berating me for saying only Gold matters. But no Gold medal-winners. Funny that!’

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