Pitchside Reporter Flattened By Footballer During Game


This is the moment an unsuspecting football reporter for ESPN was about to be tackled to the ground by two players.

Laura Rutledge was reporting pitch-side when she was on the receiving end of an intense tackle, knocking her to the ground in a matter of seconds.

Facing away from the field, she had no idea what was coming and so when the pair crashed off the pitch and into her, she got completely taken out. Yikes.

The 30-year-old was reporting on a match between the University of Georgia and University of Massachusetts when the unfortunate incident happened.

Prather Hudson, Running Back for Georgia’s team, was trying to block his opposing player when the pair tumbled off the pitch into Laura, MailOnline reports.

You know those days at work, where nothing seems to be going right and you just end up in everyone’s way? Yep, she’s definitely having one of those.

Luckily, the reporter saw the funny side and posted everything to her Twitter page:

She wrote:

Took an L in Athens today. So many thanks to everyone at @UGAAthletics for their help after this happened…even though I’m a Gator

Hudson responded quickly, making sure to apologise for knocking her over but not before asking her out on a date.

He retweeted her tweet with the comment:

Hey @LauraMRutledge really sorry I knocked you down, but… I can pick you up at 7

It wasn’t to be though as the ESPN reporter is married to professional baseball player Josh Rutledge, so she replied only with a laughing face emoji. Nothing like a bit of ‘friendly’ competition between sports, hey?

And Hudson isn’t the only sports star who has used Twitter to hit on someone recently. Jared Goff, a quarterback for the Los Angeles Rams, publicly hit on Halle Berry after she asked him why he was shouting her name during a recent game.

The quarterback could be heard shouting out the name of the Hollywood actress throughout a Rams-Seahawks game earlier in the month.

You can hear Goff shouting her name below:

Naturally, people were left confused and unsure of what it meant. Not least of all, Halle Berry herself who took to Twitter to ask Goff what it was all about.

She posted a tweet on November 11 after the match, tagging Goff and the Los Angeles Rams into it to get their attention.

She wrote, alongside a confused and laughing face emoji:

Hold up. @JaredGoff16 @RamsNFL – What is a “Halle Berry”??

Making the most of this opportunity, the quarterback replied to the actress in a short matter of hours in the smoothest way possible.

Not holding back, he responded:

It’s my favorite play ever

Which, to be honest, doesn’t really answer her question but hey. You’ve got to give the man credit for taking his shot. Because let’s face it, if a Hollywood actress takes the time out of her day to tweet you, you’re not exactly going to waste the opportunity are you?

Anyway, it turns out Halle kind of followed up his charming reply, it seems she has been watching the Rams.

We’ll keep tuned to see if Goff’s play is a success.

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