Playboy Model Claims She Slept With Leo Messi, Says He Was Sh*t


Leo Messi is an absolute maestro with a football at his feet, but apparently his skills in the bedroom are on par with his accountancy skills.

That is what’s been alleged by an Argentine Playboy model, anyway, who claims she slept with the Barcelona hit man.

Xoana Gonzalez, according to Elite Daily, was highly critical in her review…

Buenos días…retomando el instagram…los extrañe ???

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Gonzalez said:

It was many years ago. In truth he was very young. But he knew what he was doing, was not minor, that was the important thing.

I said that he is the wimp, though because he sent his security to get me. There I noticed that he is very shy.

We talked about music and cannot remember if he told me he had a girlfriend or not. After a while we went to his apartment in Puerto Madero.

And then she went nuclear…

La Vida es Tan Bella!

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The model reportedly added:

When one plays across the whole pitch, you expect someone to return the [favor]. I wanted him to show me more than that. At one point I felt like I was with a dead body.


Superando cada obstaculo que me pone la vida.

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Well, perhaps he was just as shy in the bedroom as he was in approaching her?

If only Xavi and Iniesta were on hand to assist – they always supported Leo in his finest performances…