Playboy Model Wins Big Damages For Ridiculous Golf Stunt

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Playboy model Elizabeth Dickson has finally been awarded damages after badly bruising her buttock during a golf stunt in 2012.

Her $500,000 (£328,000) battery and negligence suit has been settled against Playboy Enterprises after she was left with nasty bruising when Playboy’s Morning Show host Kevin Klein took a swing at the ball which was teed-up in her buttocks.

She also claims the incident left her with nerve and ligament damage to her hip.

According to the complaint, the model was invited to the Playboy Golf Finals held March 30, 2012 at the Industry Hills.

She was asked to lie ‘flat on her stomach with her buttocks partially exposed for a photograph’ with Klein, the presenter then proceeded to crack a tee shot from her bum.