Polish MMA Fighter Casually Pops Dislocated Finger Back Into Place Before Celebrating Win

by : Cameron Frew on : 24 Mar 2021 11:53
MMA Fighter Casually Pops Dislocated Finger Back Into Place Before Celebrating WinKSW_MMA/Twitter

A Polish MMA fighter dislocated his finger during his latest bout, but after winning, he just whacked it back into place.

Grotesque, eye-watering injuries are par for the course inside the octagon. Cuts, bruises, breaks, fractures, dislocations – you name it, it’s on the table at one point or another.


Some are more gnarly than others, of course. While one injury or hit may see a large amount of blood spilled, another may just leave you shaken – such as Damian Janikowski’s dislocated finger.

The middleweight brawler recently competed in a KSW 59 event known as Fight Code, a nine-bout card which took place at the Wytwornia Club in the Polish city of Lodz on Saturday, March 20.

The Olympic bronze medal wrestler went up against former Bellator MMA and Cage Warriors veteran Jason Radcliffe, eventually emerging with a second-round victory via TKO.


However, while he was ecstatic about his win, anyone watching could clearly see his finger was bent out of shape after it was dislocated. With the adrenaline pumping through his body, Janikowski probably didn’t notice.

Eventually holding his hand up to those outside the cage, he slapped his digit back into place with a big smile on his face. Soon after, he did a backflip, because why not? With this win, his professional record now stands at 6-3.

The clip shared by the organisers has already racked up thousands of views, with one user commenting, ‘Polish beast! Much respect!’


Another wrote, ‘Lol what a freak!! Takes a different kind of beast to get in that octagon and then do that like it was part of his act.’ A third tweeted, ‘Let the first stone to be thrown by those who have never set a broken finger after a fight with a smile on their lips.’

One particularly hard-boiled viewer was less impressed, writing, ‘So what, popping back a dislocated finger is not the end of the world. And it doesn’t hurt that much when you’re not a b*tch.’

I’ve never had to pop a finger back into place, but one has to imagine it’s not exactly painless. ‘Adrenaline is a hell of a drug,’ one wrote, with another commenting, ‘Epic Far Cry moment.’


For those unaware, in the Far Cry games, you can often heal your dislocated fingers by simply pushing them back into place. However, seeing it done in real life is enough to make you clinch your fists. ‘Far Cry healing mechanics,’ another wrote.

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