Politicians Want Claudio Ranieri Knighted If Leicester Win The Premier League

Ranieri FaceIrish Mirror

It’s pretty amazing what Leicester City have achieved this season.

From near relegation certainties just over 12 months ago, the Foxes are now on the verge of the most incredible Premier League victory in history.

And now, as if that wasn’t enough, a group of politicians want to see Leicester boss Claudio Ranieri knighted if they win the league, the Mirror reports.


The Italian has been the mastermind behind the team’s success, and a cross-party group of MP’s want to see the former Chelsea manager awarded the prestigious title.

Jonathan Ashworth, the local Labour MP for Leicester said:

What Claudio Ranieri has done, not only for Leicester City but for English football, is nothing short of phenomenal.

It has been a beautiful fairytale story and fans would surely agree he deserves the recognition an honorary knighthood would bring.

I shall be doing all I can to persuade the Palace to reward him.

Due to not being British, Ranieri would not be known as ‘Sir Claudio Ranieri’, but an honorary knighthood would be on the same level as Sir Alex Ferguson’s accolade.

Pele is another foreign football star to have been awarded the title, for his services to football throughout his career.

Claudio Ranieri and Pele on a par – who’d have thought it?